Think Environment

We all love a good party..... when the parties over please think about the environment when taking down your decorations.

Carefully pack away birthday banners & decorations to use again at your next celebration or take any items that you have finished with to your local charity shop so someone else can have a fabulous party.

Latex Balloons 
Did you know that latex balloons are made with 100% Natural Rubber from rubber trees from sustainable rainforest's, latex balloons are a 100% Biodegradable, we recommend you chop them up and pop them on the compost heap, they can go in with your household waste where they will break down but don't put them into the recycle bin as the council won't recycle them yet, remove any confetti from the balloons first and pop it into the kids craft box for rainy day fun.

Foil Balloons
Foil balloons can't yet be recycled but they can be reused, simply deflate the balloons and store for your next party, to deflate pop a straw carefully into the valve at the bottom of the balloon and slowly let the air out, fold & pop in a safe place for next time.

Please don't let it go.... your balloon won't float up to the heaven's it will simply litter the environment, if your balloon is filled with helium gas tie it to a suitable balloon weight to stop it floating away.

We are trying hard to reduce the amount of packaging we use and we try to recycle as much of our packaging as we can, our stock arrives from our suppliers in perfectly good cardboard boxes of all shapes & sizes so if your order arrives in a box that looks like it has been used before it probably has, but your order will still be carefully packed to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. 

Please dispose of all party items & packaging responsibly, thanks Lisa & the team at Party Hare